CMMS and regulatory operations

CMMS and regulatory operations

In order to ensure the safety of people and to guarantee the conformity of the equipment, companies are obliged to carry out regular technical inspections: This technical inspection makes it possible to limit the risks of accidents, in particular those related to maintenance defects. Its frequency depends on the type of equipment and the law of each country, for example, in France, for lifts, Article R125-2 of the Code de la Construction et de l’Habitation (CCH) requires a technical inspection every 5 years by a recognised organisation.

A report must be drawn up after each intervention. In the case of inspection, it will be recorded in the safety register, while for maintenance, it will be recorded in the maintenance report.
These documents ensure the traceability of the various controls and periodic verifications that the equipment and installations of the communities must satisfy. All the ERP must be equipped with them

These actions are very important and are designed to identify any deterioration that could create a hazard. To ensure that they are carried out correctly, a CMMS such as Matrix is the ideal tool to adopt.
Indeed, such a solution will make it possible to manage and follow all the regulatory controls of buildings and equipment and thus to :

  • Make an inventory of the company’s equipment (technical data sheets, plans, procedures, photos, documentation, etc.).
  • Identify the equipment to be checked
    -Set a deadline alert on regulatory interventions and receive notification to schedule them.
    Organise controls by family of equipment

The monitoring of a company’s regulatory controls is therefore reliably ensured by Matrix, thus guaranteeing the safety of everyone and the smooth running of the company.

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