The Aircraft Maintenance Technician

The aircraft maintenance technician

Who is he?

A key player in aviation safety, the aeronautical maintenance technician defines, implements and optimises the maintenance operations to be carried out on the aircraft on the basis of the manufacturer’s documentation and the aeronautical regulations.

Its objective? Zero defects! No mistake should be accepted, the safety of all travellers depends in part on its rigour.

What does he do?

The main tasks of this technician are to carry out inspection checks on aircraft structures and establish a diagnosis He is also responsible for identifying faults and malfunctions and carrying out repairs.

In addition to these checks and repairs, the aircraft maintenance technician must also be able to recommend improvements to manufacturers.

In order to do his job properly, he relies on a whole range of regulatory documentation when he inspects an aircraft. This documentation is generally written in technical English. This is why he must have a good command of this language.

Where does he work?

This job is mainly carried out in airlines, aeroclub maintenance units, aeronautical maintenance service companies, the armed forces in relation to the crew, customers and various departments (technical, quality and logistical) and may require travel of several days or months.

In addition to these few special conditions, it is an exciting and diverse job where you will work on all types of aircraft, from light single-engine aircraft to large multi-engine aircraft. In addition to these advantages, an aircraft maintenance technician has good prospects for development by acquiring responsibilities or by continuous training on other aircraft categories. He or she may eventually move up to the position of workshop manager, controller or team leader of maintenance technicians. Once the position of aircraft maintenance technician is obtained, he will also have the possibility of being promoted to compliance inspector. It should be noted that the opportunities in the aeronautical sector are varied and that employability is wide, whether abroad or in France.

A great promise for the future!

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